The Sleeping Warrior

Despite the long wait and planning, the sleeping warrior was our host for a number of days. And i can attest that the stay was good. A great hotel consisting of a lodge and camp

The name apparently originates from a nearby hill which from one side looks like the face of a warrior. Do not ask me how but i tried to look at it from how it was being described and i could only form a face but not the warrior

A stay in Cordon Bleu
A stay in Cordon Bleu

We were hosted on Cordon Bleu, one of the separate accommodation overlooking the regions around the lodge. i tell you, the view is absolutely fantastic

Each room is named according to the birds which have been nesting therein. The other different rooms could be seen from afar giving great privacy for relaxation and reading. I think Cordon Bleu had the best view

A view from Cordon Bleu
A view from Cordon Bleu

The inside was a marvel. Once inside, you did not want to leave. The spacious room, the bed, the lounge not to mention the tub and shower; someone had taken time to think about me. No wonder our breakfast was always after 10 o’clock.

Apart from the cold in the morning, we just wanted to stay in. The hosts were very friendly and our guide Henry was always willing to share stories about the place. He is a birdwatcher also which made it feel like home #KasuniePhotography

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