I happened to attend a wedding late last year during the holiday season in Embu County, Kenya. Having sat at the back of the church which was dimly lit, i noticed Shosho who happened to stroll by easy minding her business. She seemed deeply to caught up in her thoughts and as she approached the door, the light shone on her face

Shoosh! The people around us

With the 50mm 1.8 STM already on the camera, i came up with this shot. The background of the church window made the image stand out more. I called it “Shoosh” due to her look; old but somehow trendy! Ok

Shoosh! The people around us. Its very funny that we seldom stop to notice the people that pass by. Am sure each has a story to tell by just a second glance #MachoniMwangu. Please note that staring at others is also not a very wise thing to do, you might end up with a slapĀ on your face

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