#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater returns

Once again we feature #FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped seedeater returns with a spectacular showing of the reason as to why it is called so. With the several poses taken for the bird on the same day, the different angles brought out special image effects

#FreeFotoFriday - Yellow-Rumped Seedeater
#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater

See the nice coloration of yellow on the back.  I like the image as the bird was looking into the valley below and the dark clouds that morning made it look different. Different good!

At times one goes bird watching expecting to see those different birds out there but the same bird in a different dimension show off a an awesome aspect – An outstanding Yellow rump


PS: After thorough scrutiny and clarification from fellow bird watchers, the bird on the image is actually the non breeding male of the Yellow bishop. Confirmed as on Birds of Kenya’s rift valley by Adam Scott Kennedy

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