#FreeFotoFriday – Rufous Naped Lark again

The common, chunky, brown – streaked lark of the long grass plain as described by Adam Scott Kennedy in his book – Birds of Kenya’s Rift Valley is the #FreeFoto this Friday.  Its mostly encountered on #Gamedrives through the grassy plains when it springs up from the tracks and verges

Severally seen on nearly every game drive taken especially running on the tracks

#FreeFotoFriday - Rufous-Naped Lark

As seen on this image, i loved the blending in with the environment. Despite being mostly on the ground, her feet looked very clean with a light touch to it

The sun shinning on the side like she was sun bathing in the evening light brought out her outline and the streaks on her chest are just magnificent. Very beautiful bird indeed #Kasunie

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