#FreeFotoFriday – Lilac Breasted Roller

On a road trip out of town the other day we were met by a very interesting bird that happens to be #FreeFotoFriday – Lilac Breasted Roller. Despite the anticipation to see the large birds, i have always wanted to see this bird up close

I have heard stories of how it flies up and rolls around showing its magnificent colors on flight and every time i come across it, the excitement is there to see it roll. Apparently that is where it got the name

Lilac Breasted Roller
Lilac Breasted Roller

This bird happens to have some extra-ordinary colors. I got to witness it in flight to perch and off, believe me when i tell you that the lilac is exquisite. i have never seen such a distortion of light blue. Amazing #FreeFotoFriday bird #Naturealert

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