Bird Feeders

Have you ever thought about keeping birds as pets? If so, am sure you have googled a lot about how to and how you would feed them must have been ranking high on your list. Like which bird feeders to use and the type of grain that would suffice for feeding must have been top ten. Which are the best bird feeders for attracting your common household birds? Which quality materials  are use used and the what is the best design?

I am not an expert on bird feeders but i have surely come across many in my bird watching escapades. Many a people have found different types some which also to cater for even water. Some look like houses while others are just plain flat. The materials also used to make them range from clay, to wood, to glass, to plastic, to cut dried bottle gourds and the list is endless

Sunbird on a Bird Feeder in Nairobi Tented Camp

It is just like someone is trying to recreate a plate that they love or a feature to beautify their homes and still be useful for bird feeding. Now i get it, the latter should be moreso true. Many persons will buy what they love to see around them that they think the birds will like or will enjoy feeding from

Bird feeder in Sleeping Warrior lodge in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

Now that am looking for one, am not even sure where to get one from but i would try starting from KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). Maybe they can give me a clue as to where i can get one that works if they do not offer themselves. Having seen how Sarah Higgins keeps her birds well, maybe also i could go back to Naivasha Owls Centre and get more information as well

I do not know how different birds will classify different types of bird feeders but am sure they all are seeking to find the contents therein and a great place to rest while doing their business

Bird feeder in Sleeping Warrior lodge in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

So depending on the bird that you intend to lure, the kind of food you would like to offer, i am sure that out there are many types of feeders available and they do not need a door. If worst comes to worst, plant flowers which are sweet smelling that will attract sunbirds. If it is in the open, scatter some seeds for the seed eaters. It is not the color or type of bird feeder, but what is contained therein. I will tell you how it goes once i attract a few, i might get a prinia


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