The Sleeping Warrior

Despite the long wait and planning, the sleeping warrior was our host for a number of days. And i can attest that the stay was good. A great hotel consisting of a lodge and camp

The name apparently originates from a nearby hill which from one side looks like the face of a warrior. Do not ask me how but i tried to look at it from how it was being described and i could only form a face but not the warrior

A stay in Cordon Bleu

A stay in Cordon Bleu

We were hosted on Cordon Bleu, one of the separate accommodation overlooking the regions around the lodge. i tell you, the view is absolutely fantastic

Each room is named according to the birds which have been nesting therein. The other different rooms could be seen from afar giving great privacy for relaxation and reading. I think Cordon Bleu had the best view

A view from Cordon Bleu

A view from Cordon Bleu

The inside was a marvel. Once inside, you did not want to leave. The spacious room, the bed, the lounge not to mention the tub and shower; someone had taken time to think about me. No wonder our breakfast was always after 10 o’clock.

Apart from the cold in the morning, we just wanted to stay in. The hosts were very friendly and our guide Henry was always willing to share stories about the place. He is a birdwatcher also which made it feel like home #KasuniePhotography

The Road Ahead

I finally managed to visit another of the rift valley lakes the other day and am grateful. The road ahead seemed so near yet to get to the lake itself was so far

The Road ahead is more Beautiful

The Road ahead is more Beautiful

We make plans to travel and as the days draw nearer the anticipation grows as well. then come the times, you get packed and start the journey

For some people like #KasuniePhotography who take time on their drives taking pictures and enjoying the landscapes and what the Safari seems to offer, a journey of an hour can easily be four.

The being in a different place in time, the culture of the different people, the landscapes not to mention the different birds to see makes my country one of the best places to live

The road ahead leads to a better tomorrow. As long as we make peace, we shall all live in harmony and get to visit all these places without fear. #KasuniePhotographyTravelDiary

#FreeFotoFriday – Looking at the rear view

I have been having one too many encounters with our bird image of the day #FreeFotoFriday – Looking at the rear view. Each time she keeps showing a different side, letting #KasuniePhotography explore and learn

Looking back over my shoulder

                                                 Looking back over my shoulder

They say that we should indeed stop looking at life over our shoulders but it does not hurt to view life on the rear view. Take time to count your blessings in the now and thank Jehova that you can breathe

Tomorrow may seem blurred but most definitely a new day comes and blessed it will be. Just Believe that God will guide you through. He makes all things beautiful in his own time

Too many encounters create relationships and with the Rufous Naped Lark, i have learnt a lot about the bird in the different environs we have met. From Lake Nakuru to Nairobi National Park, she could be next to you and you could miss her totally


#FreeFotoFriday – Winding Cisticola

This is one of the smallest but noisiest birds that i know.  #FreeFotoFriday – Winding Cisticola happens to be a our feature bird this week. The image was captured in Nairobi National park on a morning game drive. While in Nairobi whether business or pleasure, do not miss out on a morning game drive within the park

The bird has just taken to a nearby shrub for some warmth from the morning sun.

Winding Cisticola on a morning game drive in the Nairobi National Park

Winding Cisticola on a morning game drive in the Nairobi National Park

The claws on her feet were a feature to notice. They extended well beyond her feet and on holding on to the branch, they could be seen outwards.

am not sure whether she is a fruit eater or a seed eater with those claws but they seemed clean for clawing insects. Maybe you tell me though i will research further


#FreeFotoFriday – Great White Pelican

Among the many waterbirds visible on the rift valley lakes is the Great White Pelican which happens to be our #FreeFotoFriday this week.  This bird is huge and magnificent. On this instance, we saw this huge flock in Crescent island

The Pelicans seemed to have taken over as the pink coloration of the Flamingos was a Mis as they had flown to Lake Natron for breeding.

Great White Pelicans on the shores of Crescent Island, Lake NaivashaGreat White Pelicans on the shores of Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha

I like this image mostly because of the composition of the flock of birds with a drape of the lake and the hills not forgetting the sacred Ibis in flight on top of the reeds

The rains were on the verge of falling and i remember after the shot we started running towards the parking on the other side of the island.

Bird watching is really extra ordinary. These amazing creatures and their behaviors do influence the way we live. The time spent with pelicans was brief, but the memories will for long be en-grained in our minds and shared through #Kasunie.

#FreeFotoFriday – Little Bee-Eater

On our last escapade out of town last month comes our #FreeFotoFriday – Little Bee-Eater image of the day. Met with this bird after a morning game drive back to Nairobi Tented Camp the only accommodation located inside the Nairobi National park

The little bee eater (Merops pusillus cyanosticus) is differentiated from the blue breasted bee-eater by NOT having a white on side of the face. many people tend to think that its the size that makes it little but am not sure of what you would call a young one of the blue breasted bee- eater or any other bee-eater out there

Little Bee-Eater as seen in Nairobi National Park

Little Bee-Eater as seen in Nairobi National Park

The bird was so curious of the visitors that unlike the others, it did not fly away. Instead it seemed comfortable to have us around. The look it gave me is what makes this image our #FreeFotoFriday

With the El-nino rains beginning i have a feeling that majority of the bird watchers will hide away and try to keep warm. But #Kasunie is looking to go out and showcase more birds out there. we are still waiting to see the early arrivals of the pale-arctic migrants. Any one who has spotted any yet?


#FreeFotoFriday – Flamingo in the dusk

On a road trip to Lake Magadi comes our #FreeFotoFriday image of the Flamingo in the dusk. The waters of Lake Magadi had subsided and this beautiful flamingo was walking on one of the edge. Quite a beautiful sighting in itself as she seemed to be modelling

Flamingo Sundowner

This time round, majority of the flamingoes had gone to breed in Lake Natron and majority of the lake was empty of birds. I wonder what the remaining birds are left doing especially if they were fit for the flight up the country

The dry regions of the lake seemed like sand in the desert. When one is used to looking at a large water mass then one day it drys up, the change is so evident. The smell is also forthright

The reflection on the water also was amazing. The shadow created showed another flamingo blurred but walking on water. #KasuniePhotography

#FreeFotoFriday – African Fish Eagle

The African fish eagle is one of the majestic birds that you are likely to see within the rift valley lakes in Kenya. Her Huge tail extends way beyond the tail feathers while perched and on flight she has one of the longest wing spans of the eagles


The choice to feature this bird today is pure out of love for the species. In time i will actually do a photography study on it and share within this space

The fish eagle has a strong curved beak used to tear fish apart and break break those bones as well. It feeds mostly on fish but also on smaller birds along the coastline

#Kasuniephotography found this bird on a tree along the shores of crescent island in Lake Naivasha.

#FreeFotoFriday – Red Billed Teal

The Red billed Teal is a medium sized duck that is common around the water masses especially the shallow rivers and lakes. They also like to frequent the estuaries, small man made water catchment areas. One count easily confuse them for young ducks but their size of teals makes them stand out even among other water birds

They are usually in groups many of the times that #Kasuniephotography has come across them. The red billed teal is distinct with the red coloration on its bill

The three little birds were Red Billed Teals

The three little birds were Red Billed Teals

As seen on the above image caught in Hyena dam of the Nairobi national park, the red coloration makes them stand out even in a blur. they are not very shy birds but will take to flight when you attempt to draw very near. where do ducks go to hide in the rainy season?


#FreeFotoFriday – Flight of the spoon Bills

#KasuniePhotography has taken the month of October seriously and is looking to #Waterbirds. Along the #kenyan rivers, estuaries, dams and even the larger water masses like the lakes, the waterbirds have taken the chance to inhabit and even nest herein. I happened to catch these Spoon Bills in flight in Lake Magadi


These spoon bills in flight were photographed in Lake Magadi while the lake had subsided. Majority of the Flamingo’s had gone to breed and these birds seemed to have been enjoying the wider lake.

The folks around the area had actually made paths along the lake and to some extend even a market adjacent to the hot water springs when we arrived.

The spoon bills closely resemble flamingos but are are easily identifiable by their flat bills that resemble huge cooking spoons #Kasunie #FreeFotoFriday