A Subaru Forester in the Amboseli

On a drive to Amboseli  with a few friends the other weekend, we happened to stop at the border with Tanzania. A subaru forester drove in from beyond the grasslands and it was looking amazing making a path where there was none. Being among the same group we were with there was no point of worry but for me, the dust and the light from the sun make a great picture on my mind. Quite an amazing image that i had to get focus on and made sure to get the moment on click

Subaru Forester - Built to Last

Subaru Forester – Built to Last

Another reason for people who love those priceless places Amboseli National Park, Kenya SUBARU FORESTER Backpacker Magazine Subaru lovers Subaru Kenya with Kasunie Photography #Subarulovestohelp #Subarulovestheearth #Subarulovestohelp #BuilttoLast

Bird Feeders

Have you ever thought about keeping birds as pets? If so, am sure you have googled a lot about how to and how you would feed them must have been ranking high on your list. Like which bird feeders to use and the type of grain that would suffice for feeding must have been top ten. Which are the best bird feeders for attracting your common household birds? Which quality materials  are use used and the what is the best design?

I am not an expert on bird feeders but i have surely come across many in my bird watching escapades. Many a people have found different types some which also to cater for even water. Some look like houses while others are just plain flat. The materials also used to make them range from clay, to wood, to glass, to plastic, to cut dried bottle gourds and the list is endless

Sunbird on a Bird Feeder in Nairobi Tented Camp

It is just like someone is trying to recreate a plate that they love or a feature to beautify their homes and still be useful for bird feeding. Now i get it, the latter should be moreso true. Many persons will buy what they love to see around them that they think the birds will like or will enjoy feeding from

Bird feeder in Sleeping Warrior lodge in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

Now that am looking for one, am not even sure where to get one from but i would try starting from KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). Maybe they can give me a clue as to where i can get one that works if they do not offer themselves. Having seen how Sarah Higgins keeps her birds well, maybe also i could go back to Naivasha Owls Centre and get more information as well

I do not know how different birds will classify different types of bird feeders but am sure they all are seeking to find the contents therein and a great place to rest while doing their business

Bird feeder in Sleeping Warrior lodge in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

So depending on the bird that you intend to lure, the kind of food you would like to offer, i am sure that out there are many types of feeders available and they do not need a door. If worst comes to worst, plant flowers which are sweet smelling that will attract sunbirds. If it is in the open, scatter some seeds for the seed eaters. It is not the color or type of bird feeder, but what is contained therein. I will tell you how it goes once i attract a few, i might get a prinia


#FreeFotoFriday – Rufous Naped Lark again

The common, chunky, brown – streaked lark of the long grass plain as described by Adam Scott Kennedy in his book – Birds of Kenya’s Rift Valley is the #FreeFoto this Friday.  Its mostly encountered on #Gamedrives through the grassy plains when it springs up from the tracks and verges

Severally seen on nearly every game drive taken especially running on the tracks

#FreeFotoFriday - Rufous-Naped Lark

As seen on this image, i loved the blending in with the environment. Despite being mostly on the ground, her feet looked very clean with a light touch to it

The sun shinning on the side like she was sun bathing in the evening light brought out her outline and the streaks on her chest are just magnificent. Very beautiful bird indeed #Kasunie


I happened to attend a wedding late last year during the holiday season in Embu County, Kenya. Having sat at the back of the church which was dimly lit, i noticed Shosho who happened to stroll by easy minding her business. She seemed deeply to caught up in her thoughts and as she approached the door, the light shone on her face

Shoosh! The people around us

With the 50mm 1.8 STM already on the camera, i came up with this shot. The background of the church window made the image stand out more. I called it “Shoosh” due to her look; old but somehow trendy! Ok

Shoosh! The people around us. Its very funny that we seldom stop to notice the people that pass by. Am sure each has a story to tell by just a second glance #MachoniMwangu. Please note that staring at others is also not a very wise thing to do, you might end up with a slap on your face

Thank you 2015, It was a good year! Welcome 2016

And there goes 365 days of the Year 2015. Hopefully whatever it is that you had planned to do was done well, if not a new dawn is coming. Thank you 2015, It was a good year! Welcome 2016

At #KasuniePhotography, we managed to see some milestones as well and are grateful thus far. The website is up and running thanks alot to Sobbayi who happens also to be a great friend. Mixing business and friendship to many is a challenge but we thank God thus far as He has worked it out. We look forward to many more great years. New gear as well from #Canon, easy to use and quality i  must say and through #B&H, #Savostores thanks guys. You were terrific and helpful

We managed to #Travel to different places within the country. Truly our nation, Kenya is a marvel. Filled with such beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly people, better access roads, fresh clean air in the #Bundus visited and moreso awesome birds with stories to tell. From #Magadi to #Elementaita, #Embu to Isiolo, #Mombasa and #Kilifi,  #Nakuru to #Namanga we were lucky to visit not forgetting our back yard #NairobiNationalPark which has always provided great views of the #Nairobi city especially from #HyenaDam area and birds all around

2015 was quite busy and busy good. And with travel and photography being a way of life for #Kasunie we enjoyed it thoroughly. We thank God. For each moment, every opportunity to go out, to work with and learn from other great photographers : Thomson, Osborne, Pau, Namunyak et al we are grateful and hope to see you more again in 2016 and beyond

The many people we met on our travel diaries, we a happy to have met and learnt so much. No man is an island i believe (maybe Norman but only he can tell) and getting to know you all was a thrill in itself. We learnt so much.  Our facebook friends and likes in both  #Kasuniephotography and #MachoniMwangu, we appreciate you at each post. For enjoying our work, criticizing and most of all sharing, we are encouraged to share more,  showcase more

And the great food, how could i forget that. The different delicacies out there, my God! Enyewe, #Kenyans can pakulia (serve) you very well. The assortments were out of this world. sumptuous i tell you. Especially after an early or late afternoon game drive, the great food and rest makes it complete. The food bit could not just go unmentioned.

Thank you all for being part of our 2015 and most of all, thank you Jesus for every opportunity.

Happy holidays from Kasunie.com. Thank you 2015, It was a good year! Welcome 2016

Happy holidays from Kasunie.com. Thank you 2015, It was a good year! Welcome 2016

Thank you 2015, It was a good year! Welcome 2016 #KasuniePhotography.

#FreeFotoFriday – Juvenile Red-Fronted Barbet

Out of the Savanna grasslands of the #SwaraPlains in Kitengela comes our #FreeFotoFriday – Juvenile Red-Fronted Barbet. The area boasts of amazing birds especially within the acacia trees near the ravine

A small yellow and black bird which would easily be mistaken for a a Red-Fronted Tinker bird but the large beak and the back streaks largely make a huge difference for identification



Or could it really be a tinker bird? Small birds can really make a mess for bird watchers. Having to seek for those unique features that distinguish the bird from another can be also a tricky affair. Do you encounter such?


#FreeFotoFriday – Flamingo

Despite a long day, #FreeFotoFriday – Flamingo could not miss out. In oil like looking waters,  this birds seemed to move about in a row like cluster.  Like there was a path they were keeping to


Flamingo in Lake Elementaita

A lesser and greater hung out like they were all birds of a feather.  As I pray for #Burundi I am reminded of togetherness by these creatures. Every life matters and am sure we all need each other.  Pink shades may distinguish the #FreeFotoFriday – Flamingos but at the end of the day, they are Flamingos

The lighting of the image is interesting, makes #Kasuniephotography consider for a feature



#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater returns

Once again we feature #FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped seedeater returns with a spectacular showing of the reason as to why it is called so. With the several poses taken for the bird on the same day, the different angles brought out special image effects

#FreeFotoFriday - Yellow-Rumped Seedeater

#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater

See the nice coloration of yellow on the back.  I like the image as the bird was looking into the valley below and the dark clouds that morning made it look different. Different good!

At times one goes bird watching expecting to see those different birds out there but the same bird in a different dimension show off a an awesome aspect – An outstanding Yellow rump


PS: After thorough scrutiny and clarification from fellow bird watchers, the bird on the image is actually the non breeding male of the Yellow bishop. Confirmed as on Birds of Kenya’s rift valley by Adam Scott Kennedy

#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater

#FreeFotoFriday – Yellow-Rumped Seedeater is our free unique image this day. Captured in Sleeping Warrior lodge, the bird i want to believe has made its abode around the Cordon Bleu accommodation area as it was around for our stay.

Maybe it  was the welcome and stay on well party. We were thoroughly entertained. She was huge and fat and basking in the porch each morning for the  morning sun was part of its ritual

A Yellow-rumped Seedeater in the Sleeping Warrior in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

A Yellow-Rumped Seedeater in the Sleeping Warrior in Lake Elementaita, Kenya

The yellow rump was vividly seen unlike after a while as it seemed earlier like the streaky seedeater. For sure by the size of the bird, the area seems to be blessed with plenty. Am not even sure whether it could fly far leave alone fast if attacked


#FreeFotoFriday – Lilac Breasted Roller

On a road trip out of town the other day we were met by a very interesting bird that happens to be #FreeFotoFriday – Lilac Breasted Roller. Despite the anticipation to see the large birds, i have always wanted to see this bird up close

I have heard stories of how it flies up and rolls around showing its magnificent colors on flight and every time i come across it, the excitement is there to see it roll. Apparently that is where it got the name

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller

This bird happens to have some extra-ordinary colors. I got to witness it in flight to perch and off, believe me when i tell you that the lilac is exquisite. i have never seen such a distortion of light blue. Amazing #FreeFotoFriday bird #Naturealert